Blue Goose Pure Foods

Take Care. Eat Well.

2014 Marketing Awards (Finalist, Branding Series), Applied Arts (Branding), One Show (Finalist, Packaging Series), D&AD (Branding), Art Directors Club Awards (SIlver, Packaging Design) 

Blue Goose is an organic & natural food brand that practices vertical integration and believes that if you look after your land and animals, they will look after you. I helped develop the Blue Goose brand identity and voice, and subsequently now have a very hard time eating hot dogs.

agency: SID LEE 
client: Blue Goose ecd: Dave Roberts cd: Tom Koukodimos graphic design: Flavio Carvalho, Anna Sera Garcia, Oleg Portnoy cw: Laurent Abesdris, Ryan Spelliscy illustration: Ben Kwok photography: Rob Fiocca, Steve Krug